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Mailing Services

In addition to printing, let us save you time by distributing your documents. Sixty-five percent of all printed materials will be mailed or shipped. If that’s true of your documents, we can save you time and effort for better pursuits. Like making money. We print and fold pieces to be self-mailers or insert them into envelopes. We automatically collate materials, then stuff and seal envelopes. We label, tab, address and add the postage. We can also suggest ways to increase the effectiveness of your mailers and increase response rates. Our advanced technology and software guarantee you the highest practical postage discounts. We understand postal regulations and can optimize your mailings for significant automation discounts. You can even use our bulk mail permit, if you don’t have one.

Whether we do your mailings or you do them, here’s information you need to know:

  • Direct mail is cost-effective. Compared to most forms of advertising, direct mail targets audiences with little waste. By targeting your efforts, you can sell more to existing customers at a lower cost per sale and reach specific new prospects.

  • Effective direct mail requires a good mailing list. You can develop your own list—starting with current customers—then expand the list to prospects using a Chamber of Commerce list, a phone book, or by canvassing your territory. You can buy a list. There are hundreds of resources for purchasing lists of businesses or consumers for any area. Mailing lists may be imported into popular office programs such as Excel or Word, or databases such as Access or FileMaker Pro. List maintenance is vital. Because companies and people move, your list must be kept up to date. Save time and effort. Let us manage your list.

  • What you mail is important. Depending on your message, you may wish to send postcards, newsletters or packages. For example, postcards are an effective way to build brand recognition by quickly letting people know who you are, what you do and where you’re located. Newsletters are great for building relationships and disseminating detailed information. For real impact, consider a package containing a creative, dimensional printed piece or premium.

  • Incentives play a major role. For higher response, mailers should include a free offer or a coupon. Ease of response is also important. Consider a toll-free phone number, e-mail address or postage-paid response card for taking orders or collecting information.

  • Postage rates vary significantly. The rates between First Class and bulk mail can cause big swings in your total expenditure. Every postage class has its own set of services that are either included in the cost or added later. Delivery times may also vary depending on how you mail. While bulk mail can be very cost-effective, the Post Office imposes significant restrictions on how mailers have to be addressed and sorted in order to gain the deepest discounts. If you lack the right software or if you bundle your mailers incorrectly, you may face rejected mailers or paying more than necessary. Our employees understand the regulations and you benefit.
Here is a list of some of the mailing services we can provide:
  • Folding
  • Inserting
  • Collating
  • Gathering
  • Sealing
  • Labeling
  • ZIP code sorting
  • Standard/bulk mail
  • Delivery to post office
  • Database management
When it comes to managing your bulk mailing needs, let USPrinting handle the details

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