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Design Glossary A-D

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| Design & File Preparation Glossary A-D |

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Aliasing is a "staircase" or jagged effect that occurs when display resolution is too coarse to minimize the broken appearance of certain electronic design elements. Aliasing is more visually pronounced in diagonal lines, curves, and circles. To avoid aliasing, you should save your files with "Anti-Alias" to keep the text smooth when printed.

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In computer graphics, anti-aliasing or oversampling is a software technique for addressing aliasing issue. Anti-aliasing reduces the prominence of jaggies by surrounding the stairsteps with intermediate shades of gray (for gray-scaling devise) or color (for color devices). Please note that although anti-aliasing may reduce the jagged appearance of the lines, it also may make the lines appear fuzzier.

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Artwork is all original copy, including type, photos and illustrations, intended for printing.

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Bitmap is a computer file in which each pixel contains one bit of image information.

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Bitmap Images

Bitmap images, technically called raster images, use a grid of colors known as pixels to represent images. Each pixel is assigned a specific location and color value.

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A bleed is when an image extends beyond the trim edge of the printed sheet. It is important to include bleeds in your artwork files if you want the image to extend to the edge of the paper for your final printed piece. We encourage you to create a design with a full-bleed - i.e., extend the image off all four sides of your design - to ensure the best quality for your printed piece.

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Border refers to the area between the edge of the image and the edge of the paper.

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Camera-ready is a layout created by a designer that is created and submitted as 100% Rich Black on white paper. It usually contains text and logos in finished form.

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CD-ROM is short for Compact Disc Read Only Memory. It is a format for recording, storing and retrieving digital information such as graphics.

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Color Balance

Color balance is the process of maintaining the proper ratio of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink to produce a picture with the desired color and without an unwanted color cast or color bias.

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Color Calibration

Color calibration is a means or method of setting a computer monitor, scanner, or color printer to a standard set of color values so as to ensure that all colors remain consistent throughout each step of the imaging process.

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Comp or mockup is a piece that is handmade by a graphic artist to show others how the finished printed piece will look. It generally will be folded and bound the exact way the final piece will be done in production.

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Continuous Tones

Continuous tones represent an illustrative image that is not composed of halftone printing dots. In essence, this is a bitmapped image that has an unlimited range of colors and shades of gray.

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Contrast is the degree of tones in an image ranging from highlight (light tones) to shadow (dark tones).

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Copy refers to the words that are used along with images to create a design that conveys a message.

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Crop or cropping refers to the process of positioning an image to ensure that unwanted portions of the image are removed during the printing process. Cropping is also a way to properly proportion your final artwork before approving your print job.

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Crop Marks

Crop marks are small symbols placed in the margin outside of the image area that indicate to US Printing the area to be printed and/or trimmed from the image.

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