(1) 7ft. X-Small Falcon Flag Single-Sided Custom Graphic Print w/X-Base

USP's 7ft. X-Small Falcon Flag kit is a great kit for trade shows and events. With high quality and vibrant printing and durable materials this kit is sure to make a big impression and hold up for many shows. 

We have put together the best and most effective items to get you started, USP has been making tradeshow and event materials for over 30 years. So we know what are the most effective items to get you the most attention for your business.

We have taken the guess work out of the process and bundled everything you need in one affordable package.

Kit Includes:  

  • 7ft. X-Small Falcon Flag Single Sided Custom Graphic Print w/X-Base  
  • 36"x80" Silverstep Custom Graphic Vinly Print w/Silver Base
  • 6" 4 Sided Table Throw Full Color Custom Print 
  • 1000 - Business Cards 
  • 250 - Post Cards  
  • 250 - Flyers 
Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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