Ever wanted to promote your business or event with feather flags? Now you can. Feather flags USP are designed to grab attention. Plus they are extremely lightweight which makes them easy to transport, set up or take down at the end of the day.

Custom feather banners from USP are made from a tear resistant, lightweight and printable nylon material that works great with custom graphics. Each comes with a light pole to stick it in the ground. In addition, the flags can easily be removed from the poles and replaced with a new design without having to reinvest in a new package which makes them affordable for all businesses. Buy several feather banners on a single budget and make your displays truly stand out.

Let your Creativity Run Wild
Our flags can easily be customized for a variety of events. Whether you need a simple design to promote your business at a corporate event or a design with a vibrant kaleidoscope, we can help. With your ideas and our expertise, your custom feather flags will truly shine.

The quality of the flags you use to promote your business or event should speak for itself. The last thing you want to do is make a bad impression but that is exactly what might happen if your banner flags slump when there is a lot of wind. Our products ensure that your event hits all the right notes with your audience. Available in a variety of sizes, our flags can easily be accommodated in any event big or small. 


  • (1) Pole #1
  • (1) Pole #2
  • Spike Base
  • FALCON Printed Banner (Double-Sided)
  • SUNBIRD Printed Banner (Double-Sided)
  • * Mamba Printed Single-Sided Mesh Flag
  • Nylon Bag

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