Dear Wayne and USP Team -  I just wanted to express my gratitude to the team and say THANKS for everything you guys do for us.  I was recommended to you from my good friend Bob Diamond.  Bob said “You'll love Wayne’s team, they literally never say NO!”  At the time I was veery frustrated with the level of service  and commitment from our fulfillment center and was actually thinking about getting into the business to provide the type of service  I needed.  We were pissing off our hard won customers daily and I needed to find a solution to this problem fast.  We push several thousand items from plain paper certificates to massive published kits monthly.  Mistakes in fulfillment are one thing, but constantly late and and poor QC?  C’mon man.  We were bombarded with customer service problems and irate customers on a daily basis.  When Bob told me about Wayne and USP I was skeptical. I had been through the ringer trying to outsource fulfillment.  WhenI was searching for a solution partner It seemed like the prices were all over the board and they all promised the friggin Moon.  Since we started with Wayne almost 7 years ago our customer complaints have dropped to almost zero.  Now, when there is a problem we know that is probably customer driven and not a failure on our part to deliver on our promises.  I sleep a lot better now. I would recommend USP for anyones fulfillment needs to matter how small or large.  It’s been a pleasure Wayne and looking forward to many more years of not having to think about fulfillment, I know you’ve got my back.

Best regards
Tom Wilkerson

The entire team at USP are the gold standard in full service printing for our company.  Without USP, I do know if we could do the things we do for our clients!  Their service and turnaround times are amazing.  Honestly the materials they produce for us are better than I expect.  I could not recommend them any higher if possible.

Vinnie Fisher, CEO Fully Accountable

If you need a fulfillment company do a Google search.    However, if you're savvy and looking for something more - a partner who will actually take a proactive approach in helping grow you business, then I'd highly recommend you start working with USP Printing/Fulfillment.
In partnering with Wayne & the team at USP Fulfillment over the years, they've not only helped in creating amazing experiences for our clients, they've brought forward thinking ideas to the table that have lead to an increase in revenue and retention.
I consider them one of my highest value relationships.
Dustin Mathews
Chief Education Officer

This place has probably the best customer service I've seen. Been using them around three months for kitting. One day I drive up and realize my tires flat. While I'm arranging a tow truck through Geico, the guys had already lifted my truck, removed the flat tire. Wayne throws it in the back of his truck and says let's go get you a new tire. Drove down the street and got me a new tire, drove me back put it on my car, I grabbed my merchandise and still had enough time to catch the UPS guy. True story. Happened yesterday.

Thanks for the intro with Dustin and as always you came through with FLYING colors!! Good to finally put a face behind the awesome job you do and the voice of course!

I was fed up with having to constantly trying to find a reliable and trustworthy printing and design company. After using USP Printing & Fulfillment I should say I was impressed by the excellent quality (both Printng and Design Work) on my order. Would recommened the guys to anyone looking for a great reliable printing and design company.
Thanks Again to the team at USP Printing & Fulfillment!

As a realtor I am in regular need of marketing materials. I would like to thank USP Printing & Fulfillment for the artistic work they undertook for my marleting materialI ordered. I appeciate your professional service and fast delivery. USP Printing & Fulfillment  surely does away with all hassles involved in conventional printing.


Thanks Again,

I used USP Printing & Fulfillment services for my business cards and I must say that I am very pleased with the quality of my business cards. Their prompt and professional service and talented design staff made this process super easy. Good luck to your business, see you on my next order. 

Best regards

Henry Roberts

Looking for new fulfillment company? Without a doubt USP Fulfillment. They do an outstanding job and really know the industry.

USP Fulfillment WOW...What else can I say. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of a top of the line company to help them grow.

I am lucky to have found USP Fulfillment. They get all products fabricated in the blink of an eye and everything is always shipped out on time.

USP Fulfillment is THE SOURCE for high quality product fulfillment. If you're searching for an answer to your product needs...LOOK NO FURTHER.

I've been a customer for 20 years. Fast and personal service, fair prices, great people. I've used them for copies, printing and advertising. I highly recommend them.

Just started manufacturing diving masks and stopped by the store. They were very helpful and explained many different fulfillment options. Until now I had not realized how affordable having someone else fulfill my inventory really was. Excited to have fulfillment set up through USP at a great price, and my customers will also benefit now from faster shipping.

USP Fulfillment is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. Wayne has gone out of his way to help me develop my business and even improve my products. Working with them feels like working with a partner in your business not just a service you are paying for. I cannot recommend them enough.

Running a marketing company is not an easy task. Especially when your are new to these types of industry.  I had been shopping around for a while and found this place. I am glad I did, I was able to keep my budget at ease and get great results and great product. I felt like they really paid attention to my needs. They sat down and took to the time to go over the details and were able to deliver quality without hitting my wallet. They also showed me some new techniques with mobile advertising and helped with my banner design. I felt a like I was working with my own business partner. Thanks so much for the great help and advice. These guys are staying in my phone and will be my go to company for any print or advertising needs. CHEERS!!!